ap game review: Terraria

If you like Minecraft but want something a bit more interesting, try this game. You start out with a wood pick, an axe and a sword. No armor so you better get active and cut down the surrounding trees and make yourself something. In fact the best thing to do is make a little room to keep the slimes and zombies off you, built your worktable and make that armor.

There are all kinds of monsters in this side scrolling game. You have to spend a lot of time mining but you can do building, hunting monsters, fishing and of course quests. I have played through this a few times but I haven’t reached the end do to wonderful issues with my older tablets dying.

There are a number of boss battles and there are levels of boss battles too. You can even fall down into hell and take it over!

I love sitting back to doing this game. They have made extended worlds now there is more to do. Between the floating sky islands, dungeon, oceans and ponds to fish in and the hidden temples underground, you wont run out of things to do for quite a while.


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