book review: Revolution by Mercedes Lackey

book three of the Secret World Chronicles

A part of the Secret World series, this is the third novel that I have read in the series. Take superheroes from around the world, toss in Nazis from outer space and you have a great concept.

Told as a series of interconnected short stories from Ms Lackey and other writers, the stories flow so seamlessly that it seems like you are reading just one story from start to finish.

With the rise of the comic book movies and shows it is great to see books with superheroes in them. They are good, bad, rich, poor, famous, villainous and they all seem very real. Ms Lackey has brought together great writers who give us characters that are so three dimensional that you find yourself pulling for them. From Red Savior, the Russian/CCCP hero leader to Red Djinn, a one time bad guy you find that many different types come together to try and save the world from the invasion started two books ago.

We lose characters, sometimes just as we come to know them in ways both heroic and disturbing. If you hate seeing a good character die, well you won’t want to read this, but if you understand that when dealing with bad situations and heroes that death can and will happen, well then dive in.

Swiftly moving towards a climax to the series, this book has a lot of action in it. Between seeing the development of all the characters, to the deaths of a few and finding out how things were really set up in ECHO from the beginning there is a lot to make you laugh, cry and maybe even rage.

The true badguys show up here and there but the true meat of the tale is the behind the scenes battle between ECHO and Blacksnake. Both are currently ‘run’ by Dom Verigis, a true megalmaniac type. He is doing his best to gut ECHO, transferring the metas and, he believes, putting incompetants in charge of the various departments. Lucky the metas know what is up and are doing their best to keep humanity safe and fight the bad guys.

There is a lot of backbiting on Verigis’ team and a lot of deep connection on the ECHO and CCCP teams.

The best part of this really has been watching the growth and changes to John Murdoch and the Seraphim. Well that and watching Verigis totally ignore that the Seraphim is really an Angel. He refuses to belief in magic and faith of any kinds, which when you are talking and end of the world by Space faring Nazis and a world filled with super heroes and villians is kinda stupid.

The cliff hanger end make me want to scream, even on my now fifth reading of this novel. Pick up and series if you love superheroes. It is fun, fast and filled with great characters.


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