book review: Skin Game by Jim Butcher

Has it all ready been fifteen books? This series just get better and better as it goes on.

In Skin Game Mab has loaned Harry out to Nicodemus. Not something that Harry appreciates in the least. After all why would he want to work with one of the real bad guys?

Well as always Mr Butcher gives us enough twists in the tale to make a snake knotted! Harry learns some painful lessons about the protection that the Winter Knight’s cloak gives him and learns a more important lesson about who he is. Between finding out just exactly what the ‘parasite’ in his head is, to just why no one came to visit him on Demonreache, this tale is a fast paced romp from Chicago to Hades Realm and back. We get some great cameos and the little tete de tete between Harry and Hades is both comfortable and enlightening. As always Mr Butcher has given us an amazing ride.

In the end he leaves us enough hanging threads to make us pant for the next book, Peace Talks. Will Harry be up to being a father to his child and to the child he never expected? With Butters be up to his new role? Will Harry and Murphy finally get together? All those questions are left hanging but there are a lot of things answered and some very fine twists that make this book one of my all time favorites. I can not wait for the next!


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