Movie review: The Mummy 2017

First off not sure why the critics hated this so much. Okay maybe it was cause it started To Cruise and we know they really don’t like him. Which is too bad.

This film is a rollercoaster ride from start to finish. Tom’s character is a miliary man who tends to not do what he is told. He is a bit of a grave digger/tomb raider. That is of course what gets him into trouble. Like the other two amazing films we get some interesting bits of egyptian mythology.

The fact that Nick’s sidekick gets turned into a sort of ghoul that onl Nick sees and tells him all kinds of things he really doesn’t want to hear is a levening of fun that this movie needed.

It is obvious that this was intended to be the first in a series of modern takes on monster movies. With Russel Crowe playing Jekyll/Hyde we had a bit of a cross over. Now that might have been a bit of an issue. AFter all one monster a movie is generally the best way to go in these things.

I did take issue with the Mummy being able to rise up the corpses of the long dead crusaders and turn them to her service. Generally it would have to be others of her race and time that she would be able to call to service. Even near the end of the movie she would not have had the power to affect dead outside of her own people in most mythos and legends.

Other than that it is a fun movie with the whole he dies, she dies, everybody dies style you expect from a good solid monster movie. The fact that Cruise is basically a dead man through the whole movie should have made those critics happy but I guess you just cant please everyone.


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