book review: Spirited Away

As a woman of Irish descent on one side this story was automatically of interest to me. I had learned of indentured servitude of the Irish way back when I was a school girl in NH. With the fact that my home town had a lot of Scots/Irish living there then it was taught to us unlike now. What wasn’t taught was just how awful it was. Taking children away from their parents, their homes and their country and cramming them into a boat to be sold as slaves across the world has always been a dark part of the human history but in North America most don’t know or just forget that it was not just those from Africa that were sold into this. While a black slave was property, the Irish children were treated as less than such.

This is a novelization so they could take a bit of liberty with the story it is true but the sad part is that this is probably less horrible than what really happened. This well written story pulls you in and makes you root for this young Irish girl. You feel her pain, her loneliness and her sadness as the harsh life of a white slave is shown in all its lurid detail. Her acceptance of her children and her friendship with the Native woman is well written and very strong. This writer has a lot of talent and she has obviously done a lot of research. I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn a little while enjoying a strong story set in a dark time in history.


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