movie review: The Secret World of Arrietty

This 2010 film by Studio Ghibli has all the earmarks of this amazing studio. For those not in the know this film is about a sick boy who goes to live in the country before he has to have open heart surgery. While convalescing there he sees a Borrower. What is a Borrower? Well they are tiny people, no more than six inches high, who live under the floorboards of the house he is at.

They borrow things like a tissue or a cube of sugar from the humans. Many times they pick up and use things that we discard. Many countries have legends of little people but I do believe that Japans version is the smallest of the little folk.

They aren’t capricious but they are shy of being seen and rightfully so. The boy’s caretaker is one of the way too many humans who wants to capture and own them. Where as the young boy is happy just to have Arrietty as a friend.

There is a lot to this movie. It deals with themes of courage, understanding and family very well. In true style for this production house they have given us a film the whole family can relax and watch together.


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