book review: Story Time

Now I don’t normally read Christian fiction much. Usually I find them overbearing in their message but this novel is different. There is much of tolerance and love here. Like many of Ms Jeppsen’s works this one starts slow but builds to a strong and satisfactory ending. There are many deep characters in this story, ones that you can love or hate and so very much going on.

With the interweaving of different story tellers in the tale and the hopping from present to past it could get confusing but if you take your time you will find yourself happy that you read the book. For a bit I wasn’t sure that having all the ecological disasters and evil men would fit with the alien invasion. I first I felt forced but as I went on it makes a wonderful kind of sense. Another fine read by a woman who is slowly becoming a master. Read this even if you aren’t a christian. You will enjoy.


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