tv show review: Claws


If you love down and dirty shows that deal with the darker side of humanity, of people trying to get out from under the thumb of any version of the mob you just might like this show.

Claws is about a group of women who run a nail salon that have been working for the Memphis mafia. Not the traditional Irish/Italian/Russian types but good old boys who just happen to be running a drug shop through a local clinic and have the ladies of the salon launder the money for them through multiple banks.

Raw, raunchy and filled with interesting stereotypes mixed up with some damn fine acting this show is not for your average watcher. No kids allowed to watch this adult show.

There is a fine portrayal of an autistic adult man who is the brother of the lead character. She is doing everything she can to protect him and get him out of the neighborhood they live in. As we learn more about their past we find out he was badly abused by the foster parents they lived with as kids, they both were.

There is a lot of interesting karma coming down on the heads of the worst of the characters in this show. Worth a watch for sure.


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