Tv show review: Salvation


Okay with a title like this one I can be forgiven thinking that it was religious in tone. Well it isn’t. This is a good old fashioned before the end of the world science fiction type tale. With a lot of familiar B level actors and good writing it looks like it will be a great show.

In the first episode we have a MIT student who has been running simmulations to find NEO that are not yet being tracked by NASA and other space agencies. His simmulation goes ping, finding a new asteroid that according to all his math is going to hit Earth in 186 days. Queue in a type of panic. First he heads to his professor’s house, gives him his research then heads back to bed.

The next morning when his professor doesn’t sow up for class he goes to the man’s home and finds it trashed and his professor is missing. Call the cops? Yup. Spot suspicious black SUV across the street and panic more? You got it.

In this it looks like we have a government conspiracy, we have a brilliant tech billionaire and a supporting cast of interesting characters all dancing around just what can be done to save humanity from the planet ending catastrophe that will hit.

A great starting episode of a show I hope keeps up the level of tension through the season. We will see.


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