book review: The Chick and the Dead by Casey Daniels

This mystery is a fun take on the old murder mystery, a really old murder that is.

Pepper is a modern girl. She loves shipping, good food and tanning. Due to her father’s fall from grace, she is working at a cemetery giving tours. When a famous writer comes to town things get interesting thanks to her unwanted ability to see ghosts. She meet DiDi, the long dead sister of the writer. A vivacious blonde who claims that the writer is a fraud.

Ms Daniels gives us an interesting read. At first I thought this would be another typical paranormal. I expected a sexy, smart lead, a handsome hero and a bit of sex over a light story. What I got was a lot of ins and out, ups and down and a real mystery. This was a truly fun read. If you are looking for a typical paranormal, well this is not that. It is a murder mystery with legs, a fun take on a private detective.


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