Xbox 360 game review: Bastion

This game is well unique. The world has ended, broken up into pieces floating above where the world used to be. The music is pure bluegrass stylings and the narrator sounds like the wise old prospector from the best old western films. You are a young man who has survived and you have to go through a series of puzzles, fights and story elements as you make your way through this game.

There are NPCs that you can interact with after you find them and there are tools and weapons you can buy and improve as you play. On the surface it seems like it would be a simple game to play but let me tell you it can get confusing and difficult fast.

You need to pay attention to what is in front of you but also what is going on around you. There are creatures you need to defeat to move on to the next part of the story and take it from me some of them are TOUGH. I am currently stuck trying to take down the Momma of all Land Sharks. Not an easy creature to kill for sure.

If you like games that make you think and react, then you should love this one. The graphics are unique, the play is intense and it is all around just a fun world filled with monsters and trippy sequences of memory. Just don’t fall off the end of the trail. You will die.


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