tv show review: Somewhere Between

This show has an interesting premise. We have a DA married to a News Station reporter and manager and their ten year old daughter. We have a cop whose brother was convicted of being a serial killer, who fiance was one of his brother’s victims. We have another serial killer in town and a few other interesting characters.

In the first episode the station puts up a live tip show in hopes of getting information to lead to the capture of the killer. The only problem is they got the attention of the killer all right. He manages to kidnap the daughter then calls into the station and taunts the DA that she will be his next victim. You can imagine what happens next.

Grief stricken by the lost of her daughter our reporter goes to the lake where her body was pulled from, fills her pockets and jumps in, at the same time as the police officer was dumped into the lake with a cement block tied to his feet.

Queue the white light and boom the reporter wakes up on the shore and stumbles home to find out that it is a week before her daughter’s murder.

You can see the premise I am sure to this. We will have people reliving the next week until they get things right. Dark for sure but well written, well acted and the pacing makes perfect sense. There is a lot I can see right with this series and I just hope they don’t fall too deep into Ground Hog day storytelling. Worth a watch for sure.



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