book review: The Gaean Echantment

This is a very interesting take on fantasy and the end of the world. When you have a scientist writing you get a character a lot like them I think. This book has many moments of intense brilliance and quite a few moments of a wee bit too much technical jargon for a fantasy. The characters are strong, intelligent and you can really understand them. The drive of the hero of the book to get to his children across the entirety of the United States during the time of The Change was deep and well written. The love story and humor that came in at times was a perfect leavening of what could have been a truly dark story. We are shown a good understanding of ancient cultures and of modern ones. The magic, while not what you expect, works well in the setting of the story.

The only thing keeping me from gushing and giving this tale five stars was the over abundance of scientific discussion and jargon. It dragged the story down in places. This author is a master at science fiction and is more than a journeyman at fantasy. A bit more separation of the science or maybe just a tad less of the jargon and I would have been right there with many of the reviewers. The story started slow but by the end you were on the edge of your seat wondering just how this would conclude. I like it and will read it again in the future.


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