andriod tablet game: Zen Koi

This is one of those free to download and you either get ads or you watch videos type games. Now the thing is if you
don’t pay for the in game purchases you are not out of luck! It is called grinding on a lot of games but basically
you watch the vidoes and they give you a pearl, which is used to open slots for the koi.

In this game you are a koi, you hunt down various fishy things to make gems that are in turn used to enlarge your
pond. Other koi come to visit you and you need to stay near them so you will lay eggs, which get you new and
different koi. Now the thing is you can only have so many koi in the queue at one time. Same with the eggs. You can
have up to eight eggs before the random pretty fish stop showing up. You start out with three fish, using only one
at a time till you evolve it into a DRAGON!

Yup folks the reason I downloaded this game is just that. After you evolve your dragon you get a dragon point, which
I am not sure what they are used for yet but I will see.

This game is addictive in that it is very relaxing or zen if you wish. The music is soft and you aren’t bashing
things so not for those who want to kill stuff really. The hardest part for me so far is catching the pufferfish.
You need so many for different levels and you have to sneak up behind them carefully or they puff up and you can’t
eat them.

All in all for the price of FREE this is a fun game that will keep you occupied for a long time.



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