Xbox 350 game review: The Cave

This fun puzzle type game is filled with voice overs from the Cave. Yeah I said the Cave. He is actually quite amuzing in his commentary. You select a team of three out of the group of adventurers above ground and you make your way into the Cave. You have to solve a bit of puzzles to retrieve three items for the ticketmaster before he will let you enter the Cave proper. there is a lot of jumping and other things you need to do to work out the puzzles and get the items you need.

Once you get the three items then he will let you into the Cave proper and there things will all depend on which three characters you chose to use. My daughter has the Adventurer, the Knight and the Time Traveller. I have chosen the Monk, the Hillbilly and the creeepy twins. Each have their own special ability and each has their own realm you will go through to finish their version of the quest.

Don’t think this is an easy game. I managed to get through the first part because I watched my hubby struggle through and my daughter finish it. I am now stuck in the quest/puzzle for the hillbilly but I will get through it!

This was one of the free games available to Xbox gold members and I am enjoying it.


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