Xbox 360 game review: The Undergarden

First off I have to say this is a visually awesome game. You are a tiny little creature who goes through the various parts of the Undergarden using pollen you collect to make all the flowers and plants grow and bloom. But that is just a start. With each part of the Undergarden you explore you will be looking for special flowers to make bloom, you need to gather together the little musicians, who help you make things grow and you need to find the hidden crystal. Sounds easy right? And you would be right in the first cave you explore but as the game goes on it gets harder and harder. From storng winds that carry you away from what you are looking for to floating bubbles and creatures that look like amebas who steal all your pollen to this heavy black misty fog that you need to get through things get tougher and tougher as you go.

Another game we picked up on a free offer I have managed to get through six of the caves so far. I haven’t gotten 100% in each cave because finding the special flowers isn’t as easy as you think, and I am still not sure what exactly we are supposed to do with the musicians. But all in all this is a family friendly game. There is no shooting, no killing, etc. It is just you as a nature sprite trying to heal and grow the Undergarden. But it is fun and highly addictive.


andriod tablet game: Zen Koi

This is one of those free to download and you either get ads or you watch videos type games. Now the thing is if you
don’t pay for the in game purchases you are not out of luck! It is called grinding on a lot of games but basically
you watch the vidoes and they give you a pearl, which is used to open slots for the koi.

In this game you are a koi, you hunt down various fishy things to make gems that are in turn used to enlarge your
pond. Other koi come to visit you and you need to stay near them so you will lay eggs, which get you new and
different koi. Now the thing is you can only have so many koi in the queue at one time. Same with the eggs. You can
have up to eight eggs before the random pretty fish stop showing up. You start out with three fish, using only one
at a time till you evolve it into a DRAGON!

Yup folks the reason I downloaded this game is just that. After you evolve your dragon you get a dragon point, which
I am not sure what they are used for yet but I will see.

This game is addictive in that it is very relaxing or zen if you wish. The music is soft and you aren’t bashing
things so not for those who want to kill stuff really. The hardest part for me so far is catching the pufferfish.
You need so many for different levels and you have to sneak up behind them carefully or they puff up and you can’t
eat them.

All in all for the price of FREE this is a fun game that will keep you occupied for a long time.


Xbox 360 game review: Hexic

This game comes with the Xbox 360 and is a mix of puzzle and those old stack type games. You have a screen filled with six sided gems and the idea is to match up three at a time to remove them from the board. Easy right? Yeah no.

It starts out pretty simple but as you go on the game throws in twists like match up three gems with stars or circle one gem with gems of the same color in the six pieces around it to get a star. Later bombs are added and they have a count down timer set with the number of moves you can make before they go boom. Lots of other surprises await. This is a good game for just wasting some time. Add in the at times seventies porno film music and it is a laugh.


ap game review: Terraria

If you like Minecraft but want something a bit more interesting, try this game. You start out with a wood pick, an axe and a sword. No armor so you better get active and cut down the surrounding trees and make yourself something. In fact the best thing to do is make a little room to keep the slimes and zombies off you, built your worktable and make that armor.

There are all kinds of monsters in this side scrolling game. You have to spend a lot of time mining but you can do building, hunting monsters, fishing and of course quests. I have played through this a few times but I haven’t reached the end do to wonderful issues with my older tablets dying.

There are a number of boss battles and there are levels of boss battles too. You can even fall down into hell and take it over!

I love sitting back to doing this game. They have made extended worlds now there is more to do. Between the floating sky islands, dungeon, oceans and ponds to fish in and the hidden temples underground, you wont run out of things to do for quite a while.

Ap game review: Koi, android version

I was introduced to this one thanks to my hubby. He had it on the tablet he gave me and I had to try it, glad I did. The imagery is gorgeous with a capital G. This is a bit of a puzzle game which at first seems pretty easy. You basically go around the pond leading other little koi to color matched flowers and make them bloom. On the first level that is pretty easy. But as you go on you start to have to use caution. There is a big black Koi that will eat you if given a chance, currents that make it hard to swim and other fun things.

So much fun and it is free in the ap store. What else could a gamers ask for. I have made it to level seven and I am trying to figure out how to get past the really really really strong current so I can go to the next level. A great game to eat up time on a bus ride or between laundry load for sure.