tv show review: Ozark

Totally dark. What can I say? Netflix is the channel to go to for some of the very best shows on television, we all know that.

This show is filled with drugs, business, family, murder and so muc more. Marty Bryde is a fiancial advistor who with his partner have been laundring money for the second largest Mexican drug cartel. Things were going good until their contact, Del, comes down to find out just who has been skimming from the fund. Seems like everyone in on the laundring from Marty’s partner to the guys running the shipping end of the deal have been skimming. And those who betray the cartels dont live to tell tales. Or at least most of them. Marty is the proverbal honest man over a barrel here. He manages to talk his way out of being killed and thus our story goes forward.

There is so much back stabbing, teenage attitude and plain dishonesty you would think that would be all of the show but it isn’t. In this first season we find out that the Lake of the Ozarks is home to rednecks and hillbillies all running some type of crime. Important thing to remember, don’t call a hilbilly a redneck. They despise each other in this tale.

Between the Mexicans, the redneck family of thieves and killer, the police and FBI and the Hillbilly drug growers is Marty, his cheating wife, his fifteen year old daughter who plays her parents off each other and his thirteen year old son who seems to be way too interested in death and killing things.

There are moments of joy in this show, intense moments of sadness and a lot of money. Well worth binging the first season of this show.


tv show review: Dr Dee Alaska Vet

Not all reality shows are filled with idiot people arguing over things not import. Shows like this are great for a
family watch for many reasons.

In this show Dr Dee is a vet who decided to move up to Alaska to open her practice. She deals with all kinds of creatures, not just the dog and cat they you expect from your local vet. In fact to be honest more vets deal with every type of animal they can.

The biggest difference with this show is that she has a pilot’s license and will fly out to the very farthest communities to set up spay and nueter clinics. Not that that is all she does on those trips. She gives shots to all the critters that need them and you will see many exotics that she handles like Llamas, goats of all kinds, and even reindeer.

She does surgery as needed and really cares for each and every animal like they are her own. She knows she has clinets who live for their animal companions and does her beset to save them.

TV show review: Midnight, Texas

I have been looking forward to this one for a year since it was announced. Based on Charliane Harris’ trilogy of books, this series opener was perfect. Now I have seen some professional reviews that harped on the fact that this wasn’t dark enough or edgy enough. Thing is they were comparing it to True Bloods, a show on HBO instead of giving this show a chance. A show on HBO can be filled with blood and gore and straight up in your face sex. The alphabet networks just don’t work that way and they know it.

The casting of the actors for this show I consider pretty spot on. While Manfred is not as pierced as he is in the books, the soul of the character has been caught very well. While I think the Rev was cast a bit small for what I know he is, the actor has got the personality down.

All in all I plan on watching every lovely episode of what I know will be a fun urban fantasy show. There will be bad guys and good guys and unless you read the novels you probably won’t know which is which. What will be interesting is to see what they keep and what they can’t use due to censors. Give it a try and remember, this is not HBO, TNT or another cable network.

tv show review: The Mist

Once more we are taken into one of Stephen King’s worlds. This is obviously based on his novel and I wasn’t sure at first if it was going to be as good as the movie was. In this I can say yup, it is. if you have read the book or seen the movie of course you know where this will go. They will change things I am sure, hit things in the book that were not covered by the previous movie but still this is worth watching.

I have been enjoying seeing both old favorite character actors and new favorites mix up the cast and give us the tension and the horror that is the hallmark of most of Mr King’s work. The sets with the Mist are of course very atmostpheric and creepy.

The teens in the show are of course both arrogent and afraid. The town’s people are both prejudiced and open. I love how they balance out the two deverse sides of humanity. In the most recent episode we have the local Catholic priest determined to force his view of spirituality on a woman who is more of an earthy crunchy white lighter type new age believer. Showing that even a good minister has depths of misunderstanding at those who do not believe exactly as they do.

The tension has stayed solid so far so this might just rival some of the other tv adaptions of Mr Kings work.

Tv show review: Salvation


Okay with a title like this one I can be forgiven thinking that it was religious in tone. Well it isn’t. This is a good old fashioned before the end of the world science fiction type tale. With a lot of familiar B level actors and good writing it looks like it will be a great show.

In the first episode we have a MIT student who has been running simmulations to find NEO that are not yet being tracked by NASA and other space agencies. His simmulation goes ping, finding a new asteroid that according to all his math is going to hit Earth in 186 days. Queue in a type of panic. First he heads to his professor’s house, gives him his research then heads back to bed.

The next morning when his professor doesn’t sow up for class he goes to the man’s home and finds it trashed and his professor is missing. Call the cops? Yup. Spot suspicious black SUV across the street and panic more? You got it.

In this it looks like we have a government conspiracy, we have a brilliant tech billionaire and a supporting cast of interesting characters all dancing around just what can be done to save humanity from the planet ending catastrophe that will hit.

A great starting episode of a show I hope keeps up the level of tension through the season. We will see.

Wizards Vs Aliens

A British show created by Russel T Davies, this show is more aimed at the younger set. The first episode introduce us to some high school kids. Magic is secret, kept so by the families. When a father takes his son to a circle of standing stones to charge a magical ring, the unexpected happens and a space ship appears, drawing them inside with the classic beam of light.

the aliens are here to drawn the magic from wizards and they feed it to their mysterious master.

The aliens are interesting but need a touch more work on the colors as they are almost chartoonish in shade. As I said a bit too teen but an interesting show.