TV show review: Tutankhamun

From ITV this is a dramatic historical recreation of the search for Tut’s tomb. Done by the British this show is actually quiet interesting. We have Thngs that we have not learned in our history classes in this tale. The first episode was quite interesting. We are shown everything from the political manuvuering to the beliefs of the British about class and race.

A richly filmed piece filled with all the shades of the desert and the need to find some place that others is convinced does not exist. A show worth watching for those of us who enjoy historical dramas.

TV show review: The Walking Dead

Okay everyone has at least heard of this show. Tons of blood, gore, violence and nastiness, basically everything you expect from the end of the world. While I have issue with a man in a coma waking up six months after the fall of the world as we know it the story has some awesome storytelling along with interesting characters. Hell yes there are those you just wish someone would take a bat to (gotta wince when that actually happened) but there are some small moments that make all the blood and gore worth it.

I find that I can’t continually watch this show because it starts to wear you down. The end of the world is of course one of the most popular genres right now and Zombies are right there at the top. After seven seasons though the zombies are more an after thought to the violence that man will do to man.

I have grown tired of all the dog eat dog and long to see more of people working together to make the world a better place. I know folks but you have to admit that this show NEEDS something telling you that there just might be a light at the end of a long and bloody tunnel.

tv show review: Blooddrive

Okay a bloody good fun series here. Brought to us by Grindhouse by SyFy this is not a show for the entire family. Sex,drugs, rock and roll and a hell of a lot of blood. Definitely an end of the world film where water is rationed tightly. Gas is so pricey that people have done something both horrible and disgusting, they have converted cars to run on blood!

The Blood Drive is a road race. Cars that have been retrofitted to run on blood all compete to be the first car to cross the finish line between LA and Arizona. A handsom young police officer is forced into the race, connected by a device thrust into his neck to a sexy young woman who is racing for the money to save her sister.

This is one really wild show. There are what I take to be robots, vampire cars, wild nutjobs and other interesting horror/syfy tropes. I am not sure how long I will be watching this one but it is interestng.

TV show review: The Tick

This review is just for the first episode or pilot of the new Amazon take on the character.

I was holding my breath when I clicked on this one. I had been a fan of both the animed and the live action Tick from before and I wasn’t sure how it was going to be. After all a totally different actor was going to be playing our wacky hero. Thankfully Amazon paid attention. The pilot was amazing and it has been picked up to be broadcast this summer.

For those of you who have no idea who the Tick is he is yet another superhero. This one has wears a skin tight blue suit with antenna that move and he can jump amazing distances, just like those nasty little bugs do. The pilot was a perfect introduction to the new version of the Tick and of Arthur, his sidekick. The pacing was perfect with just enough backstory to understand Arthur and enough fun to understand just what the Tick is like. The only thing missing from this pilot was the Tick’s catch phrase, Spoon.

tv show review: Tanked

Tanked is an Animal Planet show about the world’s premier builders of fish tanks. Each week we get to see them design, build and install awesome tanks all around the world. They give you little lessons about the creatures they are building habitats for along with a lot of silliness and of course amazing tanks and other habitats. This is not a deep show but it is a fun watch. Colorful and filled with characters, this reality show is worth watching and it has been on for years now so if you are just starting to watch you have seasons worth of amazing creations to see.

TV series review: Shooter

USA has a possible winner with this highly intense show. A highly decorated Marine sniper who has retired due to an injure is brought in to scout out how another top sniper will try to take out the president.

The first episode starts with the character in the woods looking like he is out hunting. In fact he passes up the deer and focuses on a wolf. But instead of taking the wolf out he just startles it away. When he hears a trap going off he heads toward the wolf, shooting it with a tranquilizer dart so he can remove the illegal and nasty claw trap. He deals with a couple of weekend warrior/hunter types who were using the trap to hunt. Darting them with the same trank used on the

This is important to give us a solid idea of his character. We get back story about the injury that took him out and how the shooter he was hired to give intel on was the one who shot him and killed her spotter.

Obviously things do not go according to plan and he is betrayed by one of the people he thought he was working for. The episode ends startlingly but I do believe that this is a must watch show. To see just how he will get out of the trouble that a so called agent of Homeland security set him up.

tv show review: Sense8

Science fiction paranormal taken in a new direction. Now if you were wondering what i was referring to how about the new show Sense8. Take eight main characters from all around the world and interconnect their stories. A cop in Chicago, a Transgender woman in San Fran, a Latin sex symbol actor who is gay, a confused young spin doctor woman from London, A lovely Indian scientist, a young black man from Africa who is trying to run a business, an Irish safe
cracker and a German that I am not sure yet what his whole story is. The interweaving of the stories are both confusing and beautiful.

In a show that is a definite science fiction show we have strong gay and transgender themes, we have more cultural themes, stories about parents expectations of their kids, gender expectations from the different cultures, social economic differences…so much more all squeezed into just two episodes i have watched so far.

One of the best parts of this is when one of the characters sees the other via a mirror or another reflection. It can come across as jarring but it is handled so well that it isn’t.

Now this show is not one for younger people. There is a LOT of sex in it. Straight and gay sex. If you don’t like seeing sex then don’t watch this one. It is not being done gratuitously. It is tasteful in that it is loving in some cases and well normal singles in others.

The themes of a government conspiracy have started in the second episode