book review: The Renegade Hunter by Lynsay Sands

Yet another great novel from Ms Sands. In this one we have a hunter who has gone rogue do to a murder that he does not remember. Being a good man, he does his best to protect those he can.

Like most of Ms Sands vampire books, we have an interesting woman who doesn’t know that the man she is attracted to is more than human. Her take on vampires is interesting, having them descended from Atlantis and their vampirism being caused by nano technology instead of a demon or virus makes for a lighter tale.

I have enjoyed this series quiet a bit. With this novel the only problem i have with it is that is seems to end a few pages too soon. We have a lot of build up and a great tale but there is something missing from it. Still well worth the read but couldn’t she give us just a page or three more to fill it in better?

book review: The Man with the Blue Hat

This story has a creep factor to it that would make it perfect for the twilight zone. I wasn’t sure as I read it if I wanted to finish. The tension is tuned high in this wonderful tale and I feel that horror and suspense readers will enjoy this story. It was just a bit too much for me but I think once I make sure that there is no one wearing a blue hat under my bed or in my closet I can feel safe.

Get it folks. You will enjoy it if you like being scared to death.

Xbox 360 game review: The Undergarden

First off I have to say this is a visually awesome game. You are a tiny little creature who goes through the various parts of the Undergarden using pollen you collect to make all the flowers and plants grow and bloom. But that is just a start. With each part of the Undergarden you explore you will be looking for special flowers to make bloom, you need to gather together the little musicians, who help you make things grow and you need to find the hidden crystal. Sounds easy right? And you would be right in the first cave you explore but as the game goes on it gets harder and harder. From storng winds that carry you away from what you are looking for to floating bubbles and creatures that look like amebas who steal all your pollen to this heavy black misty fog that you need to get through things get tougher and tougher as you go.

Another game we picked up on a free offer I have managed to get through six of the caves so far. I haven’t gotten 100% in each cave because finding the special flowers isn’t as easy as you think, and I am still not sure what exactly we are supposed to do with the musicians. But all in all this is a family friendly game. There is no shooting, no killing, etc. It is just you as a nature sprite trying to heal and grow the Undergarden. But it is fun and highly addictive.

book review: The Last Twilight by Marjorie M Lui

In this Dirk and Steele novel we meet Rikki and Amiri. Two very different people who are thrown together by fate.

Rikki is a doctor who works for WHO. She goes into outbreaks to find patient zero and hopefully figure out just how it started and how to stop it.

Amiri is another of Ms Lui’s amazing shape shifters. Tall, elegant and striking, he wassent in to protect Rikki from forces that want her for reason that are dark and mysterious.

I loved the tension of this novel. With a cross of romance, international intrigue and medical thriller you can’t go wrong with this book. Well worth the read.