book review: Lucky Chance

Another great and well researched story by the fabulous Ms Jeppsen. In this novella we have Matthew and his son Chance working undercover. Meant to be a bridge to the next trilogy in this series, this is a fast paced and amazing little bit. Pick it up, read it and if you haven’t before, go back and read all of Ms Jeppsen’s tales. She is amazing at westerns!

book review: Love lies and Hocus Pocus: A Study in Mischief

A fun little novella with a twist. In urban fantasy most of the time witches are female and wizards are male. This author flipped it in this fun little tale if how the characters met. Told the the wizard’s familiar (okay giving her a cat was a little cliche) was interesting, especially as only she could hear him. Part of a bigger story arc but a good place to get your feet wet in her style.

book review: Life Shocks Romances collection one

A collection well worth picking up. Four sweet love stories from a very talented writer. When Ms Kerrion jumped feet first into this genre I wasn’t sure what to think. I have been a huge fan of her science fiction and fantasy since I first discovered her but I should have been sure. She has taken to writing these contemporary romances with the same style and flare that all her other works show. The characters are strong and nuanced. If you love HEA and sweet, strong romances, pick these up and enjoy them. You will find yourself unable to put them down.

book review: Last Wolf Hunting

Another of the Sihouette Nocturne line of books. I wasnt expecting a lot from this line but I am finding I like this stories. Something to read on a rainy night for sure. A blonde werewolf who is a badboy because he is a halfbreed and wants to protect humans. I like this concept. A herione who powerful but not so much so that you want to toss the book. A good solid read and I am defiantely planning on continueing this series