Book Review: Lady of Devices: A Steampunk adventure novel

Ms Adina has the beginnings of a truly fun series here. From the very first page you can feel the time period clearly. With that slight twist to the left she takes us from a traditional Victorian novel to something new and fun. Steampunk is a growing genre and this book tells you why. There is enough science here to keep a young man interested and enough characterization to keep a young woman reading. And for those of us not young any more this novel is a fresh voice is well worth picking up. By offering this first book for free she will hook in a lot of readers. When you finish this novel you will definitely want to go out and pick up the rest for a marathon readfest

Kitty and the Midnight HOuse by Carrie Vaughn

A new take on the werewolf story. Kitty is a radio personality at a small station. Her show is one of those late night shows that could be so cliche, but Ms Vaughn manages to not make it so.

Kitty has bad memories of the night she was made a werewolf. In the beginning she is timid, but as the book moves forward she finds her back bone. Mixing human group dynamics with pack behavior can be tricky when writing this type of fiction. Many authors don’t study the actual pack rankings, expecting them to be more human, but she did very well.

As the first book, this sets the tone for the rest of the series quite well. A good solid read.

book review: Kissing Coffins by Ellen Schreiber

I picked up this book for something to read while my family was playing TCG games. It looked interesting. I did not realize till I picked it up that it was the second book in a series.

This was an interesting if cliched read. Take your typical goth teenager living in a town of yuppies, toss in a young vampire who is an artist and high jinks ensue.

A very quick read that should be aimed at the tween set. While it is written well and reads quickly, it is just too cliched for a mature reader. Thankfully it was a big expenditure for me. It was being sold at the local Canadian Tire store for only a few bucks. So it wasn’t too bad.

If you like simple plots with teenagers who think they really know better, then go ahead and pick this up. If you are looking for a toss off read that will fill a few empty hours this is for you. If you are looking for something new, exciting, intriguing or fresh, well try something else.

book review: Kindled

As is to be expected by this very talented author we have a tale of rich characters who have flaws that grow and develop as you read. This time we have a dancer who is injured and like all dancers, male or female, is a difficult patient. I loved that the dancer was a man and the healer a women. Dealing with a man who is injured can be a trial, dealing with one who is a premier dancer and who is hiding things inside would be a trial for most women. Loved this tale of love overcoming the past. Well worth the read.

book review: Killer in Sight

With lots of possible suspects, twists and turns and a touch of the otherworldly this story is a great read. There were a couple of formatting issues but they really didn’t detract from the story being told. I was intrigued by the iriology and the idea of capturing the last image seen by dead eyes. While I am sure that it is something this author invented I think it would be a great tool for those trying to solve crimes. I would say get this tale and sit back for a fun ride.