Xbox 360 game review: The Undergarden

First off I have to say this is a visually awesome game. You are a tiny little creature who goes through the various parts of the Undergarden using pollen you collect to make all the flowers and plants grow and bloom. But that is just a start. With each part of the Undergarden you explore you will be looking for special flowers to make bloom, you need to gather together the little musicians, who help you make things grow and you need to find the hidden crystal. Sounds easy right? And you would be right in the first cave you explore but as the game goes on it gets harder and harder. From storng winds that carry you away from what you are looking for to floating bubbles and creatures that look like amebas who steal all your pollen to this heavy black misty fog that you need to get through things get tougher and tougher as you go.

Another game we picked up on a free offer I have managed to get through six of the caves so far. I haven’t gotten 100% in each cave because finding the special flowers isn’t as easy as you think, and I am still not sure what exactly we are supposed to do with the musicians. But all in all this is a family friendly game. There is no shooting, no killing, etc. It is just you as a nature sprite trying to heal and grow the Undergarden. But it is fun and highly addictive.

book review: The Last Twilight by Marjorie M Lui

In this Dirk and Steele novel we meet Rikki and Amiri. Two very different people who are thrown together by fate.

Rikki is a doctor who works for WHO. She goes into outbreaks to find patient zero and hopefully figure out just how it started and how to stop it.

Amiri is another of Ms Lui’s amazing shape shifters. Tall, elegant and striking, he wassent in to protect Rikki from forces that want her for reason that are dark and mysterious.

I loved the tension of this novel. With a cross of romance, international intrigue and medical thriller you can’t go wrong with this book. Well worth the read.

andriod tablet game: Zen Koi

This is one of those free to download and you either get ads or you watch videos type games. Now the thing is if you
don’t pay for the in game purchases you are not out of luck! It is called grinding on a lot of games but basically
you watch the vidoes and they give you a pearl, which is used to open slots for the koi.

In this game you are a koi, you hunt down various fishy things to make gems that are in turn used to enlarge your
pond. Other koi come to visit you and you need to stay near them so you will lay eggs, which get you new and
different koi. Now the thing is you can only have so many koi in the queue at one time. Same with the eggs. You can
have up to eight eggs before the random pretty fish stop showing up. You start out with three fish, using only one
at a time till you evolve it into a DRAGON!

Yup folks the reason I downloaded this game is just that. After you evolve your dragon you get a dragon point, which
I am not sure what they are used for yet but I will see.

This game is addictive in that it is very relaxing or zen if you wish. The music is soft and you aren’t bashing
things so not for those who want to kill stuff really. The hardest part for me so far is catching the pufferfish.
You need so many for different levels and you have to sneak up behind them carefully or they puff up and you can’t
eat them.

All in all for the price of FREE this is a fun game that will keep you occupied for a long time.


Xbox 350 game review: The Cave

This fun puzzle type game is filled with voice overs from the Cave. Yeah I said the Cave. He is actually quite amuzing in his commentary. You select a team of three out of the group of adventurers above ground and you make your way into the Cave. You have to solve a bit of puzzles to retrieve three items for the ticketmaster before he will let you enter the Cave proper. there is a lot of jumping and other things you need to do to work out the puzzles and get the items you need.

Once you get the three items then he will let you into the Cave proper and there things will all depend on which three characters you chose to use. My daughter has the Adventurer, the Knight and the Time Traveller. I have chosen the Monk, the Hillbilly and the creeepy twins. Each have their own special ability and each has their own realm you will go through to finish their version of the quest.

Don’t think this is an easy game. I managed to get through the first part because I watched my hubby struggle through and my daughter finish it. I am now stuck in the quest/puzzle for the hillbilly but I will get through it!

This was one of the free games available to Xbox gold members and I am enjoying it.

book review: The Karaoke Duo VS the Karaoke Zombies

This odd tale from Mr Stark starts out slow. The first chapter in fact almost lost me but persevering on is a really good idea with this book. As you get deeper into the novel, I would say about midway into chapter two, the story opens up and the characters become fun. From the clueless heroine, to the quiet hero to the smarmy yet devilishly handsome villain you have a great comic book style story here. Somethings are a bit odd but all in all this fun little book is worth picking up and reading.