TV show review: Combat Hospital

This show from 29011 is a Canadian show. I am currently rewatching this great show. This is set in the current nastiness that has been running in the middle east for a long time now.

This show only lasted a year but it is filled with a lot of fine actors that we have seen in so many other shows. Very much like the great show MASH this deals with the whole mess that is being doctors in the middle of war. The surgeries, the deaths and the effects so many things have on these people. From episodes about dealing with helping the local women to friendly fire and losing patients it is deep and intense.

If a show is worth watching more than once and I tell you about it you can be sure that I mean it. While I watch a lot of various shows and movies I am picky about rewatching. So take my word, try out this Canadian show. It is well worth it.


Lego review: Lego City polybag 30356

Yup i am back with a lego review. Been a while hasn’t it? Well when I was out with the hubby this weekend we found a few on sale. It was a nice day of being out after three weeks of the flu and these fun little things were one part of the treats he gave me.

This little kit is of a hotdog vendor with his cart. Since we are building our own town we needed fun little things like this to make the town feel real right?

In this polybag you have a cute chef guy, a trashcan and of course the cool cart. Like all polybads they are quick builds. What impressed my hubby was that the front wheels of the cart are the new wheels used for the wheel chairs.

There are some fun parts in this kit for those who are part hunting moc builders. Personally I see a lot of good solid pieces from the wheels to the hotdogs and buns. Just a lot of fun.


TV movie review: The 12 Gifts of Christmas

An interesting idea for a romantic comedy. An artist who can’t seem to get a gallery to give her a shot decides to try being a personal shopper. Her sister knows that she has a flair for getting just the right gift.

She bumps into a man at the local coffee shop and helps him pick out something for his assistant. In a funny twist they pass each other by right after she puts her card at the coffee shop, he picks it up and calls her to help him do his Christmas shopping since he needs to spend all his time doing a new pitch for a client.

Her first try is not what he expected. He gave her a list and expected her to get exactly what was on the list. She explains her thinking and well the movie goes on from there.

As is typical for a Hallmark movie it has heart and a bit of teaching to it. A sweet treat to watch on a snowy afternoon.

TV Movie review: A Cinderella Christmas

This Ion Channel Christmas movie is like the titles says, a Christmas take on Cinderella. Now I have wanted dozens of versions of Cinderella and of course dozens of Christmas movies, so I was willing to give this a shot. After all there are a lot of good and bad in both categories.

I am happy to say this one is a good one. The Cinderella character is Allsion, a hard working young woman who was orphaned at six and taken in by her uncle and raised with his daughter. Like you would expect the daughter is not the hard working, nice girl. She is more concerned with status and things and meeting Mr Right..well mister rich anyways.

When the dad says he is going to retire, leaving the businesses to both girls well things get interesting. There is of course a ball, more a special Christmas party. A handsome young man who can’t seem to pick a woman to marry and a dress to die for. The ball happens early in the movie and the rest of the movie is the man trying to find the magical girl he met and figuring out that the cousin is not the sweet girl he spent an evening falling in love with.

There is redemption for the evil cousin in this instead of punishment and the movie is just a good watch.

Movie review: Hidden Figures

If you are looking for a historical piece that is accurate and heartwarming you really don’t have to go far. This movie made my heart swell with pride at these amazing women who made the space program actually work.

While being a period piece shows how far we have come of course the world needs to go much farther to give equal credit to the amazing women who worked on many projects that brought the human race to the road we should be on.

The amazing efforts of the three women portrayed in this movie by three very talented actresses has only recently been acknowledged by the country they so proudly served.

Along with some of the more recent takes on NASA and how important it has been to the US and the world in general, this film shows us the people behind the big and splashy headlines. I highly recommend this be shown in schools and taught to all middle schoolers. We need to realize that women of all colors have been intrigal to the success of the country as a whole. A total thumbs up from me.