book review: Tapas, Carrot Cake and a Corpse

In this cozy mystery we have an unusual setting. Most of the ones I have read are set in the US an this one is definitely set in Britain. A small fishing community and the cafe is the heart of this one. Filled with great pacing, interesting takes on the common cliche characters and only a tiny touch of romance, this novel is a fun, fast paced read for a mature reader. The focus is more on the characters than the mystery but I found it was a pleasure read.

book review: TangleRoot

As the sixth book in this series we have come to know the hero Jules quite well. The hapless yet very lucky man finds himself in bad situations so often that he needs a special discount on getting rescued. The cast of characters in this book is as varied and lively as the book proceeding and you find yourself both smiling and shaking your head at the trouble that Jules finds himself in. A truly good guy who just can’t get a break from the bad guys.

The secondary characters, to me, are the real stars of this book. From Huff, the lovable and intelligent polar bear to the long suffering Joe, you are very glad that Jules has true and honest friends who will come to his rescue. A fun and fast read that flows well from the previous books.

book review: Tall, Dark and Dead

A fun read of a palate cleanser. This is a great book to pick up and read between heavier fare. There are hundred of vampire books and dozen of books with witches as characters. This fun little twist is a nice afternoon read. Garnet is an interesting character with a dark secret. Mix her with Sebastian, a seriously hot ancient vampire with a twist and you get swept into a midwestern town that has unexpected depth to it. Well worth the read.

Just a word or two

For those  who are following my reviews I just wanted to reply to a couple comments. My reviews will generally be short. Anything from a few sentences to a few paragraphs. I am commenting on what I like about a book, tv show, movie or whatever here. If you want more in depth reviews I am pretty sure they exist out on the world wide web.

I don’t think that my reviews are the be all or end all of opinions on stuff, just comments on what I see, read, hear. And to be honest in most cases these will be positive yet honest reviews as I find the net is filled with enough in depth dislike to outright hatred of all things media.

My plan when I started this blog was to take all the reviews I have done all over the place and put them into one place. I have been writing reviews for almost two decades on the web and I used to recommend things to people off line for decades before that.

Thank you to everyone who does follow me and who has enjoyed my take on the wild world out there.