book review: The Scorpion

At first I was a little confused. This is a new genre for me as I tend to watch spy thrillers, not read them. But as I was pulled into the story I came to feel for the newsman hero. Written in almost a diary like style with each day a heading, the story evolved, bringing in bits and pieces to a stuttering climax. The villain seems to be much like most of the modern villains, in it for the money but in the end you see what he really is.

Mr Anderson tells the story like a true journalist and I can easily see this story being transformed to a movie. The ending came a wee bit too fast for me but over all a great effort with a current topic. I loved it being set outside of the US or Britain. Definitely an author I plan to read more of. Read him and see that not all political/spy/war games have to happen in the big three.

book review: The Renegade Hunter by Lynsay Sands

Yet another great novel from Ms Sands. In this one we have a hunter who has gone rogue do to a murder that he does not remember. Being a good man, he does his best to protect those he can.

Like most of Ms Sands vampire books, we have an interesting woman who doesn’t know that the man she is attracted to is more than human. Her take on vampires is interesting, having them descended from Atlantis and their vampirism being caused by nano technology instead of a demon or virus makes for a lighter tale.

I have enjoyed this series quiet a bit. With this novel the only problem i have with it is that is seems to end a few pages too soon. We have a lot of build up and a great tale but there is something missing from it. Still well worth the read but couldn’t she give us just a page or three more to fill it in better?

book review: The Pearl

This is the first novel by this author, who is not a native english speaker. I mention this because that is where the trouble is. This novel has great bones to it. Lots of interesting characters, a lyrical world and a clear good/evil battle. But the flow needs work. There are times it is choppy and other times where you really wish she had gone into more back story. A prequel or prologue would go a long way toward fixing this in the way the tale is told. I am sure the next book in this series will be stronger as the writer grows into her talent. She has a vivid imagination but needs a good strong editor to help her find her feet. Bravo and keep writing

book review: The Naphil’s Kiss

Ms Beaudelaire has taken a turn with the angels in this paranormal romance. Told over many years this tale is a new spin on the age old battle of good and evil. With the earliest of villains from the Christian mythos this tale of love, lust and power could have been cliche but it wasn’t. The level of detail in this fluidly told tale will please many.

The attraction between the hero and heroine, the self sacrifice and the final collimation is just the beginning of a wild and sweeping tale. Lovers of paranormal romance should pick this up and enjoy the ride.

book review: The Man with the Blue Hat

This story has a creep factor to it that would make it perfect for the twilight zone. I wasn’t sure as I read it if I wanted to finish. The tension is tuned high in this wonderful tale and I feel that horror and suspense readers will enjoy this story. It was just a bit too much for me but I think once I make sure that there is no one wearing a blue hat under my bed or in my closet I can feel safe.

Get it folks. You will enjoy it if you like being scared to death.